Power Browser Releases New Blockchain-based Reward Tokens

Power Browser Releases New Blockchain-based Reward Tokens

Blockchain technology is taking over the internet and shiftinmg the way we browse today. However, it is not just about the browsing anymore. We are beginning to its impact over the advertising industry.

Generally, ads seem intrusive when it comes to user experience. But, there are other aspects to ads that are hampering the UX.

As a result we have come up with a crypto token reward system on Power Web 3 Browser. It is a blockchain based web surfing platform with a suite of various Dapps & Web3 games.

The good thing about Power web3 browser is that it only shows personalized ads to its user and enables them to earn PowerDao tokens for engaging with the platform.

The vision behind the PowerDao crypto is to end the monopoly of ad networks like Google, Bing, and Yahoo that are stacking up the user’s data and taking the ownership of it.

PWRDAO Blockchain-based Reward Token

PWRDAO is a decentralized token launched by Power Web3 Browser. The Distribution of the token is in the form of rewards to provide value to the users’ attention.

When a user views any ad content on the Power Web3 Browser, it will automatically measure the user’s attention. Users receive PWRDAO crypto tokens on every ad view depending on the time span and type of ad content viewed.

For the placement of ads, it has its local machine-learning settings, which judge the likes and dislikes of users based on their browsing experience. This whole action happens separately in the user’s device only, so the user won’t have to worry about losing their data privacy. That means- the audiences on the Power web3 rewards browser are getting value for engaging with the ad content.

Rewarding Ecosystem Of Power Web3 Browser

You might have already used several standard web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, where you have minimum control over whatever ads you are seeing. Ad networks take advantage of that to collect users’ browsing information. They sell this information to third-party advertisers who use this data to target relevant users. These middleman exchange processes inevitably create a passage for fraudsters to take a piece of the pie.

And that’s why, Power Web3 Browser is introducing a way that is direct B2C. no middleman. The browser creates an ecosystem for its users where they can view only selected relevant ads and also get rewarded for their time spent. While marketers can improve their targeting options to enhance revenue from their advertising campaigns.

What Does The Stats Say

1. Because of the irrelevant targeting options, advertisers lose approximately 60% of their ad revenue every year.

2. The fraudulent ads created by Internet bots are causing around $ 7 billion in losses to companies around the world.

3. Due to irrelevant ads, people get irritated as their internet browsing speed slows down. Which not only consumes their data but also drains their devices’ batteries.

4. It has been seen that 50% of mobile data is used on irrelevant ad notifications, which costs a user $23 per month.

5. The dominant ad networks – Facebook and Google, get dominance over the internet advertising revenue. Because of this monopoly, users will have to view unwanted ads shown by Google and Facebook.

By viewing the stats shown above, we can see that users are always at a disadvantage viewing ads that are not of their interest. On the other hand, ad publishers are also not able to connect with their target audience.

To overcome this scenario, we came up with the Power Web3 Browser to provide better targeting options to advertisers. Since it shows ads to users only when they are really interested in them.

Moreover, users can earn PowerDao Crypto token rewards for viewing ads. So, it’s a win-win for both advertisers and users.

PowerDao Coalition

To provide more value to the users and PWRDAO token holders, PowerDao is now collaborating with many Web3 companies which share the same interest in distributing ad revenues with its user base via tokenization.

Power browser collaborates directly with advertisers and uses its AI-based targeting technology to target only intended users with relevant ads. The revenue has a distribution structure where everyone gets their share. It can either come from advertisements, games or services. The main idea is to democratize the revenue distribution and introduce an engage-to-earn model. Which means, the users of Power Web3 Browser can also get value in form of PWRDAO token for engaging with  the browser.

The great news for advertisers is they can also invest in PWRDAO tokens to access ad placements. With partnership, Web3 companies can Power Web3 Browser.

Users can view those ads to earn PWRDAO tokens. They can use Power Wallet to keep their crypto tokens which they can also exchange with other crypto and fiat assets.

On the other hand, users would be able to access many other Web3 applications, games, and other services using crypto tokens in their Power Wallet. Apart from this, users can also use PWRDAO tokens like any other crypto tokens in the market to share or exchange with other crypto and fiat currencies.

Why Should You Be Using Power Web3 Browser?

Here are some of the most wanted benefits of the Power Web3 browser that you can’t neglect.

Faster browsing speed

Having no ads or pop-ups means the page loads faster, providing users with a faster browsing experience. While users won’t see unwanted ads. So they can have a better and faster browsing experience.

Better Privacy and Security

With Power Web 3 Browsing, you can remain anonymous since no personal or browsing information is collected or stored. The algorithm only collects the data in the device to show relevant ads according to the user’s preference. So, you can be ensured about having secure privacy while using PowerDAO.

Earn Monetary Reward

Based on the ad content viewed by the user, they would receive PWRDAO token rewards in their Power Wallet. It has a machine learning algorithm that measures user engagement and accordingly rewards crypto tokens in their Power wallet.

Free To Use

The Power Web3 browser is completely free to use. You can just download it and start using it to browse your favorite website, online games, media, etc.

Are you Ready To Change Your Experience With PWRDAO?

If you are not happy with using browsers that show you irrelevant ads, then now is the time for you to change your browsing experience with Power Web3 Browser. With Web3 technology enhancing the Internet web service, you are independent on what type of ad content to see on the Internet and what to not.

Not only that, you can earn PWRDAO crypto tokens in your Power wallet that you can exchange to access Web3 services and DApps. Like any other cryptocurrency, you can also buy PowerDAO tokens using fiat or crypto transactions and stake your tokens to advertise on Power browser, user partner Web3 applications, play Web3 Games, etc.

If you want to know more about PWRDAOtokens, mention your queries in the comments section. We would love to hear from you.

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