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Let's Democratise The Internet

The New Internet Needs A Modern Browser

The browser owned by people for the internet owned by people – The fairest distribution of tokens

75% tokens reserved for the community, no VCs no early investors, tokens are available only for users

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AI Based Content Display

Watch Only Relevant and Targeted Content While Browsing

PWRDAO Token & Crypto Wallet

A Digital Asset for users with a Special Corner to Store Rewards

Access Mobile Version

Smartly browse the web with handheld devices on Android & iOS platforms

Shifting The Power of Internet to its Users

We Democratize The Internet For You

This browser enables you to earn rewards for browsing the internet.

Private Web Browser
Rocket Fast
Power Shield
Optimal Privacy


Receive PWRDAO Tokens Every Time You, Watch, Engage, or interact on Power Web3 Browser

Browser Demographics
Robust Browsing
Robust Browsing
Easy Navigation
Easy Navigation
Platform Independent
Platform Independent

All New Game Discovery Engine

Explore Web 3 Games and Earn Rewards

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What's In The Power Closet

Discover the Power Web3 Browser capabilities and do a lot more than you could with your current browser.
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Fastest browsing on any device
Switch to multiple tabs in seconds
Built-in access to social media apps
Convenient & customizable sidebar
Modern design & organized display
Easy control on Cryptocurrency
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Ubiquitous Accessibility

Harness The Power of Web3 Browser

Future of The Internet

Power Browser is defining better experiences on the web with its innovative & immutable ways.

With Web3, we are exploring new ways to distribute the hold of cyberspace & online revenue to each user.

Making online privacy simpler, faster, & reliable with robust incognito search, web3 games, & secure VPN.

Our approach is to offer a complete web browsing experience that translates user convenience to another level.

Score Crypto Tokens

How Much Money Has Your Mouse Wheel Made You?

Earn explosive rewards on web surfing. We are one of the best private browsing platforms that democratizes internet and revenue distribution to decentralize the control from main entity. Means, you will only see the content that fits your interests & earn a share of internet revenue while browsing.

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We Are Available On Different Platforms

Download our private browsers for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS & Linux

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Personalized Browsing

Earn PWRDAO tokens as a reward for surfing web.

Web Without Boundaries

Industry-Leading Features Designed For Advanced Browsing

Explore the realm of Web3 with seamless & reliable browsing experience.

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Private Internet Browsing On Incognito

Safeguard Online Activity With Power Firewall+VPN

Protect your device during online browsing with ultimate Firewall & VPN security.

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Interoperable AI

Fully Customized Browsing

As users you have full control over what you see online. And therefore your wall will only showcase content that you have allowed.

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Latest in Web3

Crypto Corner For Asset Holders

Give wings to your crypto curious mind & keep track of ongoing trends.

Discover Web3

We Facilitate Futuristic Browsing To All

Embrace Democratization
We believe that the users have equal rights on the internet revenue and we make sure it reaches them in a rewarding way.
As Private As Thoughts
Our fundamental motto is to make your private internet browsing more secure where only you have the access to your data.
No Follow Backs This Side
We don’t track your activities nor do we allow others. You still get custom results based on your interests.

Earn PowerDAO Token

Get Started With One Of The Most Secure Web Browsers

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