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Power Vs Chrome

Power is a faster, secure, & decentralised web3 browser that rewards you for web surfing. Unlike Chrome, it allows you to passively earn for your engagement while browsing.

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Ad Personalization
Ad Personalization
Increased Privacy
Increased Privacy
Web3 Games
Web3 Games

What Makes Power Different From Chrome?

Let us Perceive the Comparison In a More Detailed Way

Ad Democratization
Ad Personalization
Engagement Rewards
Crypto Corner
Token Currency
Web3 Game Discovery Engine
Inbuilt Firewall
Low RAM Consumption
Eliminating Middlemen
Redesigning User Experience

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Power vs Chrome

Took a whole 5 minutes & I just fell in love. Browsing on point. Ads even better!

Thomas Wells
Power vs Chrome

Did I mention its super handy web3 game discovery engine & how they are running so smoothly on my device!

Walter Kost
Power vs Chrome

Accessing different apps from PowerDAO tokens is just plain awesome. I save money while making it!

Alex Hmpton

Earn Points For Every Scroll

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