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Enjoy utmost privacy with Power Browser & earn crypto token rewards while engaging with the browser

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Get PWRDAO Tokens Through Personalized Ads

Democratizing Internet Ads

Democratizing Internet Ads

Witness a fair ad revenue distribution between all parties including users, publishers, and advertisers .
Personalized Browsing Rewards

Personalized Browsing Rewards

No intrusive, only targeted ads. Engage Power Web3 Browser’s personalized surfing experience & earn PWRDAO tokens as rewards.
Reconstructing Privacy

Reconstructing Privacy

Indulge in decentralized browsing with an upgraded user data privacy model to surf anonymously.
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Get a secure crypto wallet to collect your PWRDAO tokens & effortlessly sort ad rewards with an intuitive dashboard.

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Stock your PWRDAO Crypto Token with an end-to-end custodial wallet and access them from all devices.

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Use your Rewards to Explore Power Browser supported Dapps & encash PWRDAO tokens with easy access to Power Wallet.

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