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Bringing together the strongest web shield with high-grade browsing privacy at your service. Now, surf, stream, or scroll, we have got your back.

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Browse With System-Wide Protection For Every Device

At Home – At Public – At Workplace

Secure Surfing
Secure Surfing
Whether you are using your own data, public Wifi, or just making sure you are safe online, we offer everything that caters to your requirement.
Private Access
Private Access
Browse under our safe zone every time you enable the VPN with better security controls & reduced complexity.
Continuous Risk Assessment
Discover extra reliability with our comprehensive verification framework & continuous security evaluation.
Easy Setup
Activate your suite of VPN + firewall without going through any complex procedures. Just click & enable your peace of mind.
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Features & Amenities

Confide In Us For Extra Secure Browsing

We come with default security options that matter!

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Speedy Access Everywhere
Power’s VPN & firewall shield ensures that you surf the web effortlessly at a lightning fast pace & get results with precision.
Protect Multiple Devices
Minimize cyber & data breach attacks on all of your connected devices under a single PowerDAO account.
Unmatched Live VPN Support
Ensure proactive security for web access across a diverse pool of servers and networks at remote or public locations.
On-Point Hacker Shield
Get centralized security controls & strengthen the vulnerable points in the network for hack-less browsing amid insecure connections.
Encrypt Your Browsing

Private & Secure - Even For No Trust Zones

Now Protect yourself from prying eyes

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