Power Browser: Unveiling an Empowering Partnership with AiMalls

Power Browser: Unveiling an Empowering Partnership with AiMalls

Power Browser is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with AiMalls, epitomizing our commitment to innovation. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in enhancing the browsing experience and revolutionizing online shopping. Through relentless dedication, we aim to redefine user interactions with the secured browser

Also, Power Browser partnership with AiMalls signifies a milestone in this journey, promising to reshape how users explore and engage with online platforms. Together, we’re poised to elevate browsing and shopping experiences to unprecedented levels of excellence.

So, dive in!

The Areas of Partnership:

1) Integration of AiMalls in Power dApp Store:

Power Browser Partnership with AiMalls opens up new avenues for users within the Power dApp Store. By seamlessly integrating AiMalls into our platform, we’re empowering users with direct access to an extensive selection of AI-driven shopping experiences. From fashion to electronics, home decor to gadgets, AiMalls offers a diverse array of products curated to meet our users’ evolving needs and preferences.

2) Listing of AiMalls in Crypto Square:

AiMalls take center stage in Crypto Square, our digital marketplace designed to democratize access to innovative solutions. By featuring AiMalls prominently within Crypto Square, we’re providing users with a gateway to explore a world of possibilities powered by cutting-edge AI technology. Moreover, from personalized recommendations to exclusive deals, AiMalls revolutionizes the online shopping landscape, offering users unparalleled convenience and customization at their fingertips.

3) Co-marketing Activities:

Through strategic co-marketing initiatives, Power Browser’s vision is to amplify the impact of partnership and drive greater awareness among users worldwide. Also, from targeted campaigns to collaborative events, we’re committed to showcasing the value proposition of our collaboration and highlighting the unique benefits it brings to users seeking seamless browsing and immersive shopping experiences.

About AiMalls:

AiMalls is an SEC-registered E-Commerce platform infused with AI and powered by blockchain and Web3 technology. Boasting a 25,000+ app waitlist and a vibrant community, it has achieved significant milestones like SEC registration, CertiK KYC badges, and a Top 10 ranking on CertiK. Key features encompass AI-driven search, personalized recommendations, and robust blockchain security. Supported by advisors such as TrustSwap and Agora, AiMalls has established partnerships from CoinMarketCap to Crypto.Com.

About Power Browser:

Power Browser is a cutting-edge web browser tailored for the Web3 ecosystem. It provides an intuitive platform for navigating dApps, engaging with blockchain networks, and overseeing digital assets. 

As a gateway to the decentralized web, it simplifies blockchain technology accessibility with its user-friendly interface. Power Browser empowers users to seamlessly explore the decentralized ecosystem, facilitating interaction with blockchain networks and the management of digital assets with ease and efficiency.


As we embark on this transformative journey with AiMalls, Power Browser remains steadfast in our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and empowering users with transformative digital experiences. Together, we’re poised to redefine the landscape of browsing and online shopping, ushering in a new era of connectivity, convenience, and exploration.

We invite you to stay in the loop with Power Browser’s latest strides and explore the future of browsing by keeping tabs on our updates. 


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