The Power Browser Tokenomics

Explore the Versatility and Benefits of PWRDAO as a Digital Currency and Governance Token

Key Insights

POWER Token Allocation

A Comprehensive Breakdown of Token Distribution

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Tokens AllocatedLockup period
Treasury3,500,000,000 (35%)Unlocks as users earn tokens every day.
Development, Grants1,500,000,000 (15%)10% at TGE, Monthly unlocks for 18 months.
Marketing1000,000,000 (10%)20% at TGE, Monthly unlocks for 18 months.
Liquidity & Market Making1000,000,000 (10%)Unlocked & continuously reported.
Staking1000,000,000 (10%)10% Fixed APR until Exhausted.
Public Sale1000,000,000 (10%)20% Unlock at TGE then daily in 180 equal installments
Private Sale300,000,000 (3%)2 Months Lockup, Then linear unlock in 22 Months.
Seed Sale200,000,000 (2%)3 Months Lockup, Then linear unlock in 21 Months.
Team & Advisors500,000,000(5%)1 Year Lockup, Then linear unlock in 36 Months
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The Power Token Sale

Bringing Value and Accessibility to Crypto Investing

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PriceAllocationLockup Schedule
Public Sale0.0021,000,000,00020% Unlock at TGE then daily in 180 equal installments2,000,000
Private Sale0.002300,000,0002 Months Lockup, Then linear unlock in 22 Months.600,000
Seed Sale0.0015200,000,0003 Months Lockup, Then linear unlock in 21 Months.300,000
Stake or Convert

Power GameFi Engage to Earn

As rewarding as it can get

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The Features, benefits, and utilities discussed in the document are still under review, and the final deliverables might vary. The numbers disclosed are relevant to the dev-net, main net emissions & daily limits might vary significantly.


Driving value and demand across all facets of the Power Browser while incentivizing users to earn tokens through fair distribution.


Drive more users to the Power Browser by gamifying the Browsing experience.
Increase the Active Time of a user on the Power Browser.
Increase the Demand and Utility of POWER Tokens.
Increase the Demand and Utility of Browser Badge NFTs.
Increase the Platform Revenue with the adoption
Particle element
Particle element
Particle element
Particle element
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Power Token Mining

Based on the number of people using the app & their in-app activities A block of POWER Tokens will be distributed from the community every day.

The community reserve has 350 million tokens and the daily emissions are proportionate to the number of users using the browser & the value they are adding to the Power Browser ecosystem.

The number of tokens awarded for the users activity are continously tweaked to balance the rewards amongst the Users & NFT Badge Holders.

To refill the community reserve, a percentage of the POWER Token revenue generated by the various in-app mechanics will be contributed back to the community reserve.

Power Mining for Users

The users could earn POWER tokens based on the following criteria
Active Time
Websites visited
Number of Searches
Ads Watched
Spending Time on partnered websites.
Setting Power as the default browser
Participating in surveys/reviews/feedback etc.,

Based on these activities the user could earn the relevant number of POWER tokens until they hit their daily limit.

Users could also boost their earnings & increase their daily limit by holding & upgrading a mining badge.

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Power Mining for Websites / Creators

Based on the user’s engagement, a portion of the daily emissions are distributed to the creators & the owners of the websites.

These tokens will offset the lost advertising revenue from traditional ads & incentivize creators for their work.

Web GameFi

Power Badges

Gamify your browsing experience & boost your daily mining.

Power Browser users can mint Power Badges (GameFi NFTs) to boost their daily mining.
Users could a maximum of 1 Badge at a time to boost their daily mining.
Users could accumulate experience & energy points based on their engagement on the Power Broswer and upgrade their Badges & traits.
Upgrading the Profile Badges will unlock new perks like VPN, Play to Earn Games, Metaverse Access, etc.
In the Future upgraded Badge NFTs can be sold on secondary NFT marketplaces.
Peerless Digital Collectibles

Web Fan Tokens / NFTs

We strive to support our users with easy access to royalty NFTs that will help them in unlocking various browser amenities.

The Web Fan Tokens give an opportunity for the users to support their favorite Websites.
Any Web Creator who has a Power Browser Creator Account and finished KYC is eligible to mint Web Fan Tokens.
Example: Wikipedia could deploy their own fan token for every contributor & supporter who contributes & tips to the platform.
As the websites & creators become more popular the utility & demand for the Web Fan Tokens would also increase.
These Web Fan tokens will help the websites & Creators to run their own Fan Economy with exclusive content access & perks for all the holders of these Creator Tokens.
Manifest Instant Gifts

Mystery Box

A Mystery Box is a box that contains a special random item.

Based on the Profile Badge NFT level, all Mystery Box may contain

Experience Points
Time Boost for Badge Upgrades
POWER Tokens
Web Fan Tokens / NFTs
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Grab Advanced NFTs

Profile Badge NFT has to be upgraded from “Basic” to “Bronze” in order to get an occasional Mystery Box when their Profile Badge is used.

Unlock Surprizes

The probability of getting a mystery box is proportionate to the “Luck” attribute as well as the Badge Usage Time.

Behold Premium Access

These Mystery boxes can be purchased with POWER Token from the in-app marketplace in the future.

Articulate the Assets

Attributes of Power NFT

Mint the Perks

Gamification Attributes

Experience (1-100)
  • Experience is associated with the User’s Contribution Score.
  • The default Experience of the POWER Token Badge would be ZERO.
  • Users will accumlate Experience by engaging with the various websites.
  • Experience Levels will go down with every inactive day.
  • Users could only Level up if they have accumulated enough Experience.
  • Upon upgrade the Experience Score will be deducted based on the Experience Spent for Upgrade.
Health (1-100)
  • The default health of the POWER Token Badge would be 100.
  • After every usage, the health of the POWER Token Badge will go down based on the “Resilience Attribute”.
  • User can revive the health of the badge by paying a revival fee from the daily mined POWER Tokens.
Stay Crypto Crucius

Technical Attributes

Efficiency (1-100)
  • It will be a multiplier of the bonus earned on the Power Browser App when the Badge NFT is used for up to 100 minutes.
  • Say if the user earns 0.01 POWER Token of the Minted 50,000 POWER Token during the Badge NFT Usage Period, a 20 Efficiency would be 20x of the earning i.e. 0.2 POWER Token per day.
  • The Efficiency can be upgraded using the attribute upgrade points awarded upon badge upgrade.
Resilience (1-100)
  • Every Badge NFT gets damaged after each usage, it has to be polished with POWER Token to revive the POWER Token Badge.
  • The resilience would be the number of minutes a Badge NFT could be used to earn at a premium rate before feeding a Bamboo.
  • The resilience can also be upgraded using POWER Token.
  • If the user does not revive or “Polish” their POWER Token Badge their earning will go down. 
  • The Resilience can be upgraded using the attribute upgrade points awarded upon badge upgrade.
Luck (1-100) 
  • Luck is the probability for a Badge NFT to encounter some Mystery Box.
  • This mystery box might contain Power Tokens, Web NFTs, or some Attribute Upgrade booster like free Efficiency Upgrade. 
  • The Luck can be upgraded using the attribute upgrade points awarded upon badge upgrade.
Earn Everyday

Income Limits

Daily Income Limit (1-50)
  • It is the maximum number of POWER Token one can earn per day
  • This can be upgraded by the Level of the POWER Profile Badge say
Badge Level Income Limit
Level 1   5 POWER Token
Level 2   10 POWER Token
Level 3   15 POWER Token
Level 4 20 POWER Token etc.,

These badge Levels & limits are relevant to the dev-net, main net emissions & daily limits might vary significantly.

Reliable Rewards

Benefits of Upgrading a Profile Badge

Derive more amenities with simple reward systems. Just stay consistent and earn more with less.

Attribute Upgrade
Attribute Upgrade
More POWER Tokens per Minute Less Revival Cost More probability to get a Mystery Box
Daily Income Limit Upgrade
Daily Income Limit Upgrade
More POWER Tokens earned per day
Exclusive Perks
Exclusive Perks
Top Tier Badge Holder would get some exclusive VIP benefits in the app and also in the real world.
Gamified Gig

Gamification Income/Demand Streams:

Earn like a professional gamer with our decentralized reward distribution system. Engage with us and get a fair deal on everything.

  • The minting Fee is variable based on the price of POWER Token, demand, and other market conditions.
  • To begin with the minting fee is 100 POWER Tokens
  • A user can also mint a Mystery POWER Token Badge for a premium say 250 POWER Tokens which would mint a Badge NFT between Basic and Diamond levels.
  • The upgrade fee for upgrading the POWER Token Badge level is dynamic and is dependent upon the minting fee for the day.
  • Also upgrade fee will also vary with the Level of the POWER Token badge
  • The badge will be damaged upon every use based upon the “Resilience” attribute of the POWER Token Badge.
  • The earning will go down upon every use if the Badge is not revived.
  • There will be a Dynamic Revival Fee based upon the Minting Fee and Cost of POWER Token etc upon paying the revival fee in POWER Token the Badge Health will be back to 100%
  • For most of the on-chain transactions which the user initiates, a smaller transaction fee is charged to offset the gas fee.
Generate Digital Wealth

Platform Revenue Streams / Sustainability

On top of the Fee from the web3 mechanics Power Browser has several macro mechanisms to generate real revenue which can be used to buy back tokens as a part of Power Browser’s Balance sheet.

Advertisement Revenue
Advertisement Revenue
Revenue from Advertisements Revenue from Quests & Learn to Earn Campaigns
Partnership Revenue
Partnership Revenue
In App Crypto Exchange Integration In Wallet Dex Integrations etc., Various other default web services
In-App Services
In-App Services
VPN AI Chatbots Web Protection Software etc.,
Featured Websites
Featured Websites
News & Entertainment Crypto NFT Marketplaces & Centralized Exchanges Featured Extensions & wallets, etc,.
Value Dilution


Limit your inflation via earning NFT Power Badges with us. Build your gain traction and back your finances via our stronger revenue systems.

Short Term (1-6 months)
Short Term (1-6 months)
There might be short-term inflation but the lucrative income for Holding a Badge NFT could make POWER Token popular. Every minting would incur a large minting fee in POWER Token that can be used for replenishing the community fund. Various Fees will also benefit the treasury which can replenish the community fund to limit inflation.
Mid Term (6-36 months)
Mid Term (6-36 months)
If the mechanism gains traction it will sharply increase the demand and value of POWER Token tokens. This means even LOW inflation as less POWER Token is spent on funding the benefits. Meanwhile the Revenue Streams will be strengthened to support sustainability.
Long Term (36+ months)
Long Term (36+ months)
Ideally, a balance will be created after a large number of adjustments to the emissions based on the income, creating a fully sustainable User and Creator Reward System backed by Advertisers & real revenue.
Climb the Defi Ladder

Power Referral / Network Score

The network score is nothing but a referral reward system where you will receive incentives for referring a user to commence mining, and if a miner further refers a new miner in that case not only the immediate referrer will get rewards, you too will get extra earnings as you were the initial referrer.

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Reward Distribution across the network

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As there is no daily cap on how many tokens the community can earn together, inviting more people & building a network is always beneficial for people to invite.

Level 1
Level 1
5% of the mining earnings will be given as network rewards to level 0.
Level 3
Level 3
1.5% of the mining earnings will be given as network rewards to level 0.
Level 5
Level 5
0.5% of the mining earnings will be given as network rewards to level 0.
Level 2
Level 2
2% of the mining earnings will be given as network rewards to level 0.
Level 4
Level 4
1% of the mining earnings will be given as network rewards to level 0.

How does this proposed mechanism boost value across the entire ecosystem?

We make sure that you get the deal you have always wanted. Fair & square!

Simplified Access

Gamify and make the entire experience fun and onboard new users across various domains like Gaming.

Users will spend more time in-app to upgrade Badge NFT

Increased Utility as the marketplace will be inside the Power Browser App.

Increased Revenue Streams as more people adopt using the app.

Gamification will create a whole new set of utilities for POWER Token tokens.

It will be used for minting Profile Badges.

It will be used for Upgrading Profile Badges.

It will be used as an NFT Marketplace Currency for purchasing Profile Badges, Web NFTS, and Creator Tokens.

POWER Token earned from various mintings and fees will be used to replenish the treasury which will limit inflation and also can be used for developing new use cases for POWER Token Token in the future.

All the Users can get access to the POWER Token Profile Badge which could be used to:

-> Boosted Income for their app Usage

-> Income from trading their Badge upon upgrade.

-> Play to Earn Games

-> Access to Metaverse

-> Various in app services etc,.

The Features, Benefits & Numbers disclosed are relevant to the test-net, they might be tweaked towards mainnet.